UAE Police Clearance Certificate

 A Police Clearance Certificate is issued to you, in order to ensure that you do not hold any negative or past criminal record in the country you reside in. The attestation of a Police Clearance Certificate is done by any authorized legal officer from the court or if you are planning to travel abroad , the attestation of your Police Clearance Certificate is handled by the Embassy of your country. The attested copy of your Police Clearance Certificate might be used for acquiring a Visa and other important documents that you might need to use abroad.

If you are planning to travel to the UAE, the attestation of your Police Clearance Certificate is done by the Embassy. You may further use your attested UAE Police Clearance Certificate for seeking a job abroad, or for higher education. You may also use your Police Clearance Certificate for starting a business of your own abroad, or for seeking important bank or legal documents.

Importance of attestation of Police Clearance Certificate for UAE

Following are some of the listed reasons of why you should get a UAE Police Clearance Certificate attestation:

· To get Citizenship

· To get Visa

· For travelling

· For higher education

· For starting a business

· For getting hold of legal documents

· For getting hold of commercial documents

· For purposes of immigration

· For getting a job

· For opening bank account

· For freezing bank account

· For reasons of currency exchange

· For purposes of transfer

· For reasons of banking

· For acquisition of a Police Clearance Certificate

· For acquisition of an Embassy Certificate etc.

Documents required for getting an attestation for Police Clearance Certificate

· Attested copy of original documents ( Copies of Transfer Certificates, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Embassy Certificate, Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate etc.)

· Passport Copy

Validity of a Police Clearance Certificate in the UAE

If you are at the UAE, the validity of your Police Clearance Certificate, is till the time you are residing in the UAE, after that the validity of your UAE Police Clearance Certificate ends, as soon as you tend to go away from the country to stay in some other country. The validity of your Police Clearance Certificate is decided upon the fact, as to how long are you planning to live in the country, when an attestation is assigned onto your Police Clearance Certificates, along with that the validity of the respective Police Clearance Certificate is mentioned.

When you are in the UAE, for business, job, or for purposes of higher studies till the time you are not getting a permanent residency in the country, your Police Clearance Certificate is considered as a short- term document when you gain an official Citizenship in the country, then you may renew your Police Clearance Certificate as per the judicial procedures of the country.

Why for attestation of Police Clearance Certificates in the UAE?

There is a series of legal and judicial procedures involved, in getting your Police Clearance Certificates attested. For getting the attestation done, one may have to follow long processes which might take a good amount of time. If you are planning to get your Police Clearance Certificates attested at ease, and in a fast track manner, you can log into They will carry out a proper evaluation process of your original documents and certificates and will assign an attestation onto your UAE PCC.

The cost involved in the overall process of attestation is impressively low and they will assist with and get the attestation done within a specified amount of time, for you to use the certificates to cater to your personal purposes and needs.

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