Marriage Certificate Attestation

When you get married, you get issued a marriage certificate at the time of your wedding with the signatory of the magistrate of the court, to prove the legitimacy of your marriage. A Marriage Certificate mainly asserts at which date wedlock had taken place and every detail of the bride and groom. The attestation of a marriage certificate is primarily carried out by a legal official or a magistrate, to prove the legality of your marriage. You may acquire the certificate to acquire all societal benefits. Here, you will know more about Marriage Certificate Attestation and its important aspects.

Importance of attestation of Marriage Certificate

You must get your marriage certificate attested for the acquisition of the following benefits:

  • To acquire Citizenship
  • For getting a Spouse Visa
  • For job purposes
  • To start a business
  • For getting hold of commercial documents
  • For getting hold of legal documents
  • For opening a bank account
  • For freezing a bank account
  • For currency exchange
  • For Transfer purpose
  • For Immigration purpose
  • For acquiring other important documents etc.

      Documents required for attestation of Marriage Certificate

  • Attested copy of your original certificates
  • Passport Copy

Process of Attestation

To get your marriage certificates attested you must follow these required steps below:

  •  Notary Attestation
  • MEA Attestation
  • Embassy Attestation
  • MOFA Attestation

Attestation experts and services might also help you with getting your marriage certificates attested. Thus, if you are seeking for Marriage Certificate Attestation, you must consider logging into, for any query related to attestation of your marriage certificate. They will help you get your marriage certificate attested after a proper stipulation and validation process of your documents at a given amount of time and with a really minimal cost involved in carrying out the overall attestation procedure.

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