Educational Certificate Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs

An attestation on your educational certificate is important if you are planning to pursue your higher education or seek a job in your own country, or abroad. Attestation onto your educational certificates asserts its authenticity so that you may use them for your required purposes. The attestation of your educational certificates is carried out by the Embassy of the respective country you are living in, or by an affiliated gazette official, who will verify your educational documents and will assign an attestation onto them.

Getting an attestation onto your Educational Certificates by the Ministry of External Affairs poses as an important step as its one of the essential criteria of the overall attestation process to impose the genuineness of your educational certificates and documents. Here you will know more about Educational Certificate Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs and its essential aspects.

Kinds of attestation of Educational Certificates

Here are the educational certificates which are mainly considered for attestation:

·         SSLC Certificate Attestation

·         HSC Certificate Attestation

·         Degree Certificate Attestation

·         Diploma Certificate Attestation

Importance of attestation of educational certificates

Following are some of the reasons of why you should get an attestation of your educational certificates:

·         For higher education

·         For seeking a job

·         To start a business

·         For opening an account at bank

·         For transfer or immigration

·         For travelling

·         For getting a Visa

·         For acquiring a Citizenship

·         For purpose of trading

·         For gaining commercial documents

·         For gaining legal documents

Documents required for attestation of educational certificates

·         Attested copy of original certificates

·         Passport Copy

Process of Attestation

For getting your educational certificates attested you must follow these steps:

·         SDM/HRD Attestation

·         MEA Attestation

·         Embassy Attestation

·         MOFA Attestation

Also, you can look up to attestation experts and services of attestation to get your educational certificates attested in an uncomplicated way. Hence, if you are looking for Educational CertificateAttestation from Ministry of External Affairs, you can log into They will assist you with the required procedure of getting your educational certificates attested at a really low cost and within a given amount of time.

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