Health Benefits of Graphene and its Applications

 Graphene is a material that consists of a single layer of carbon atoms. It is the thinnest material known to humans and one of the strongest.

For decades, scientists have been researching it and have found out about its amazing properties.

Health Benefits of Graphene and its Applications

One of the major Health Benefits of Graphene is, It is used for the detection and even treatment of cancer. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. We are discovering more and more properties of graphene, but for now, we only know the tip of the iceberg.

These are the graphene’s properties when we use it for something, but what really happens when we get in contact with graphene?

Let’s find out the effects of graphene on our bodies.

ON SKIN – The impact of graphene oxide and graphene on the body mainly depends upon their oxidation state and physicochemical properties. But, if the concentration is not high, there is no harm. High concentration for a long period of time can even lead to membrane damage, which means they show low toxicity to the cells of the skin.

Graphene does not cause any kind of skin irritation when they are made with non-irritating exfoliation agents. But a few studies showed that when graphene is exposed to the main outer layer of skin cells, the cells are showing the initial activation of skin inflammation. But since inflammation is a complex process, there is not enough evidence to support that.

ON LUNGS – Although graphene is safe for even long-term exposure, graphene oxide needs to be avoided. If the size of the graphene oxide’s particle is big, it can cause adverse effects. Overall, studies show that lungs are safe for long-term exposure to graphene.

ON THE ENVIRONMENT – When graphene oxide is released on the environment, a few species showed toxic effects, but not all. There were also some changes to the bacterial communities. Also, it was seen that graphene reduces the pollen vitality in the lab, but when it comes to living organisms, these effects are less evident.

As you can see, there are few adverse effects or health benefits of graphene on our body, and it is safe to inhale when the particles of graphene oxide are small, and the amount is low.

Graphene is also known as a medical wonder because of its ability to treat many medical treatments.

Let’s have a look at some of the applications of Graphene for Medical treatments –

1. ANTICANCER AGENT – As we discussed in the beginning, graphene is useful to detect and treat cancer cells. Graphene absorbs infrared light, radiological treatments’ irradiation, with the help of which tumor is treated. It acts directly on the damaged cells and has fewer side effects on the patient.

2. IN IMPLANTS – Graphene can convert light into electrical impulses because of its biocompatibility. Electrical impulses are those that are transmitted to the brain through optic never. It transforms the signal into images. It can replace the injured nerve circuits.

3. IN WATER PURIFICATION – Graphene sheets are one of the most efficient and cheaper for water purifying. They allow water to pass through it but not the impurities.

Scientists are still discovering many uses of graphene, and they are seeing impressive results as well. It is one of the most useful materials we have, and it is one of those that can transform our life completely.

The Graphene layer on G1 Wonders masks does not allow any kind of bacteria and virus to pass through it. It keeps the air clean when you inhale it. Due to graphene’s flexibility and thinness, our masks are one of the most comfortable and flexible to wear. We have successfully used the graphene layer to transform the lives of those who were not confident to go out. We are sure that you also will find our masks the safest to wear.

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