If somebody ask you, what are the most common form of plastic pollution, what would you say? Plastic bottles? Straws? Plastic Bags? Plastic Containers & so on. Well, these are perfect guesses but not apart from this there is one more form of plastic that exists on the earth which creates pollution and that plastic is known as Cigarette butts because they are actually the most abundant form of plastic waste in the world, with about approximately 4.5 trillion individual butts polluting our global environment.

cigarette butts awareness

Fundamentally; cigarette butts are primarily plastic which is small and tend to go unnoticed but they are hiding almost everywhere. 

On the contrary, many believe that cigarette butts are not harmless but that’s not true as they are made of cellulose acetate fibers, like other microplastics which are known as a common contaminant found throughout the world’s ecosystems that affects all living beings. 

More or less; even urban habitats, as well as sea habitats, are also at risk from this type of litter. 

cigarette awareness campaign

Thus, to overcome this issue Buff India is trying to resolve the problem by proposing solutions to recycle cigarette butts under their camping about "Earth is not your Ashtray Campaign" as companies like Buff India which manufacture and market commercial cigarette waste collection bins with an aim of "habitual transformation" of smokers to dispose of their cigarette waste properly

We also offer customized solutions as per branding requirements. In addition to this, customers can order Buffindia commercial ashtray through our online sales platform.

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