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Are you a fan of Call of Duty? Do you know that your favorite game on PC and console is now available on iPhone and Android devices? Yes, you heard it right! Call of Duty Mobile is now the latest craze among mobile gamers around the world. After a successful closed beta test in the previous months, the game is now available for all to experience and enjoy. It’s now time to get you some FREE COD Points and Credits.

how to get free cod points

How to get free COD points

  • Visit the site: Free COD points
  • Choose how many points you wanna add in your account
  • Enter your username
  • Select your device
  • wait for your cod points to get generated
  • Complete the offer and get the reward

free cod points generator

Benefits of Having Large Amounts of COD Points and Credits

  • COD Points are game values used to purchase different items in the COD: Mobile store, including Weapons Experience Cards that you can use to level up your weapons.
  • COD Credits are the in-game currency used to purchase items in the COD: Mobile store, including soldiers, crates, and weapons.
  • By having a large number of COD credits in your account, you will not have to accomplish a lot of tasks or challenges, complete battle pass tiers, or demolish items from your inventory.
  • By unlocking 8,000 COD points worth of rewards, you will have access to the premium rewards stream in COD: Mobile.
  • You won’t have to log in daily to receive 500 credits once a week.
  • Finally, you won’t have to spend real money to earn COD points.

By simply following the easy steps above, you can easily acquire as much as 8,000 COD points and 50,000 credits without spending a single penny.


What are you waiting for? If you want to level up your COD: Mobile account, your character, and the weapons and items it carries get your free COD points and credits from our website now! We’re safe, secure, technologically backed, and legit! In three easy steps, you can get as many as 8,000 COD points and 50,000 credits.

free cod points generator


You may be wondering, “Is my COD: Mobile account at risk when I avail of your free COD points and credits?”

The answer is: “Of course not!

Our free COD points and credits cheat are safe and secure. Your account is not at risk in any way because our service is legit. We have been catering to a lot of users now and not one single account has been banned or penalized by availing of our free COD points and credits. This is because we deliver our service professionally and officially.

Our secret: Our advanced technology tells the COD servers that the data packets are coming from their server, even if they are coming from our coded server. We deliver our service as natural and as professional as possible. WE WILL NEVER REQUIRE YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD! We only need your Call of Duty username and that’s it, period.

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