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List of some best instant approval guest posting sites

500+ Guest posting sites
500+ Guest posting sites

Guest is one of the best Search Engine Optimization practices for any website, Form blogging to a large company organization. One of the biggest challenges for an online business is getting your messages to your potential audience and though a solid social media strategy will always be beneficial, it can take a while to see the results of your work. This is where guest posting can come in. You will learn how guest posting will help you with getting more traffic to your site and improve your website ranking on search engines.

what is guest posting?
what is guest posting?

What is guest posting?

Guest blogging, additionally called "guest posting," is the demonstration of writing content for another organization's website. For the most part, guest bloggers compose for comparative blogs inside their industry to: Attract traffic back to their website

Sometimes it might be waste of time when you write and article an it doesn't seems to be reaching to the audience, so here guest posting plays the role of promoting your content as well as get some lead, Guest posting offers you some monumental for your SEO and sales goals. Here are some of the top Guest posting site for you:

instant approval guest posting sites
instant approval guest posting sites

1. Here are the list of Instant approval Guest blogging sites:

All these sites below accept guest posting instantly, You can use these sites for promoting your content for free and get more traffic to you site:

Sl.noWebsite/BlogSubmitDomain Authority
1HelptimeforyouGuest PostingDA 30
2MyvuContact for ArticleDA 55
3MyVenturePadSubmit Guest PostDA 50
4InfoBeatContact for Guest PostDA 45
5PostlingWrite For UsDA 50
6JcountContact for Guest PostDA 50
7MeldiumSubmit Guest BloggingDA 45
8LocationarySubmit Guest blogDA 50
9TechmaishWrite For UsDA 40
10ReadWritecontribute guest postingDA 80
11TipsBloggerSubmit Guest PostDA 25
12Frugal EntrepreneurSubmit Guest blogDA 30
13KillerStartupsSubmit StartupDA 60
14TListsGuest Blog PostDA 45
15TechRapidlyWrite Guest PostDA 35
16TechGenraContact for Guest PostingDA 35
17NorthcuttGuest EditorialDA 40
18Elite Personal FinanceWrite Guest PostDA 40
19GeeksGyaanSubmit Blog PostDA 60
20GentlexpContribute articleDA 20
21BloggersPathSubmit Blog PostDA 45
22W3JWrite for usDA 40
23FalconHiveContact for Guest PostingDA 35

2. List of technology and gadgets related instant approval guest posting sites

Remember that using guest posting strategy will only be effective if you provide your new audience with high-quality content. Choose from the list, approach the site owner and boost traffic and search engine rankings to your website. Here is the technology guest posting sites list that allow guest posts. Check out the list and take your pick.

Sl.noGuest Posting sitesLink Type
1help time for you- Submit Guest PostDo Follow
2Tlists – Submit guest postDo Follow
3Myventurepad – Submit Guest PostDo Follow
4InfoBeat – Contact for Guest PostDo Follow
5W3J – Write for themDo Follow
6TechGenra – contact for Guest PostingDo Follow
7TechMaish – Write For UsDo Follow
8Centrinity – Submit Guest blogDo Follow
9Readwrite – Write for themDo Follow
10Tips Blogger – Write for themDo Follow
11Buzz2fone – Submit guest postDo Follow
12Gigaom – Write for themDo Follow
13Smashing Magazine – Write for themDo Follow
14MobileTweaks – Submit guest postDo Follow
15Techie Buzz – Write for themDo Follow
16HitechDroid – Write for themDo Follow
17Techie Blogger – Write for themDo Follow
18Jcount – Contact for Guest PostDo Follow
19Digital Inspiration – Write for themDo Follow
20Trouble Fixers – Write for themDo Follow
21Devils’ Workshop – Write for themDo Follow
22Calling All Geeks – Write for themDo Follow
23Inspiration Feed – Write for themDo Follow
24The Pragmatic Bookshelf – Write for themDo Follow
25Site Point – Write for themDo Follow
26The Kernel – Write for themDo Follow
27Tech Walls – Write for themDo Follow
28iTech Code – Write for themDo Follow
29Tech At Last – Write for themDo Follow
30Comptalks – Write for themDo Follow
31Web and Designers – Write for themDo Follow
32Slashdot – Write for themDo Follow
33Craving Tech – Write for themDo Follow

3. Business , General Marketing, Entrepreneur, Startup Blogs that accept Guest Posting

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want your business to reach a new audience and attract traffic, then guest posting is the perfect option for you. Send your pitch to the below-mentioned websites and take your website to new heights. Remember this guest posting will help you in both sharing and gaining knowledge. Here is the business guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

SL.noGuest Posting SitesLink Type
1Myventurepad – Submit Guest PostDo Follow
2Meldium – Submit Guest BloggingDo Follow
3InfoBeat – Contact for Guest PostDo Follow
4Locationary – Write for themDo Follow
5Frugalentrepreneur – Contact For Guest bloggingDo Follow
6Jcount – Contact for Guest PostDo Follow
7Centrinity – Submit Guest blogDo Follow
8KillerStartups – Write for themDo Follow
9W3J – Write for themDo Follow

4. Blogging, Make Money & LifeStyle Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

If you’re a blogger and looking for guest posting websites that will help you in reaching a new audience then this list is perfect for you. However, the websites mentioned in the list are quite different from one another, so before approaching them it is beneficial for you to perform a background check. Here is the blogging guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

Sl.noGuest Posting SitesLink Type
1InfoBeat – Contact for Guest PostDo Follow
2Help time for you - Submit Guest PostingDo Follow
3Myventurepad – Submit Guest PostDo Follow
4Postling – Contact for Guest PostDo Follow
5Jcount – Contact for Guest PostDo Follow
6Bloggerspath – Submit Guest PostingDo Follow
7Meldium – Submit Guest BloggingDo Follow
8Business2Community — Write for themDo Follow
9Blogherald – contact for Guest postingDo Follow
10Bloggerstack – Write for ThemDo Follow
11KISSmetrics – Write for themDo Follow
12Copyblogger – Write for themDo Follow
13Falconhive – Contact For Guest postingDo Follow
14Daily Blog Tips – Write for themDo Follow
15Blogging Tips – Write for themDo Follow
16Blogsolute – Write for themDo Follow
17ComLuv – Write for themDo Follow
18Smart Bloggerz – Write for themDo Follow
19Quick Online Tips – Write for themDo Follow
20We Blog Better – Write for themDo Follow
21Freelance Folder – ContactDo Follow
22Blog Godown – Write For Us – ContactDo Follow
23Blogsolute – Contact UsDo Follow
24Millionclues – Contact for Guest PostingDo Follow
25Copyblogger – Guest Post GuidelinesDo Follow
26YoungPrePro – Submit Guest PostDo Follow
27Blog Engage – Guest Blog HereDo Follow
28Kikolani – Guest Post OpportunitiesDo Follow
29Allbloggingtips – Write For UsDo Follow

5. Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

If you’re a digital marketer or a person who has extensive knowledge on social media, SEO, SEM then this list for you. All the below-mentioned websites deal with different aspects of digital marketing. So if you want your article to feature on their website then you must send them high-quality content. Here is the digital marketing guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

SL.noGuest Posting SitesLink Type
1Help time for You - Guest PostingDo Follow
2Moz | Submit Guest PostDo Follow
3Jcount – Contact for Guest PostDo Follow
4Socialmediatoday | Submit Guest PostDo Follow
5Myventurepad – Submit Guest PostDo Follow
6Meldium – Submit Guest BloggingDo Follow
7Qiel | Submit Guest PostDo Follow
8Search Engine Journal – Write for themDo Follow
9Search Engine People – Write for themDo Follow
10Magnet 4 Marketing – Write for themDo Follow
11Searcheditors – Guest BloggingDo Follow
12k2seo – Write for themDo Follow
13DailySeoBlog – Write for ThemDo Follow
14Localseochecklists – Write for themDo Follow
15SeoNick – Submit for themDo Follow
16SeoTechyWorld – Submit for Guest postingDo Follow

6. Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, WordPress Technology  Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

This list is perfect for WordPress enthusiasts or a web developer. All the sites mentioned in the below list cover all the concepts relating to web design, web development, coding etc. So before sending them you’re, check their website and understand their audience preferences to create high-quality content. Here is the web design guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

SL.noGuest Posting SitesLink Type
1Help time for you - Guest postingDo Follow
2Falconhive – Contact For Guest postingDo Follow
3Designrshub – Submit Design NewsDo Follow
4Meldium – Submit Guest BloggingDo Follow
5Thedesignmag– Submit Guest blogDo Follow
6Logodesignerblog – Submit Guest postingDo Follow
7Onextrapixel – Write for themDo Follow
8Noupe – Write for themDo Follow
9Inspiration Feed – Write for themDo Follow
10Skyje – Write for themDo Follow
11Web and Designers – Write for themDo Follow
12Light Stalking – Write for themDo Follow
13Steve’s Digicams – Write for themDo Follow
14I Heart Faces – Write for themDo Follow
15Colossal – Write for themDo Follow
16Inhabitat – Write for themDo Follow
17Daily Art Fixx – Write for themDo Follow


7. Finance & Investing Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

All the below mentioned websites mostly handle general business, finance, investments etc. So make sure you deliver them a pitch that showcases your expertise along with your quality-content. Here is the finance guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

S. No.WebsiteDALink Type
1Help Time For YouNADo Follow
2Mind Body Green87Do Follow
3Fitness Magazine77Do Follow
4ACSH73Do Follow
5Breaking Muscle69Do Follow
6Wealthy Gorilla61Do Follow
7RCNi60Do Follow
8International Policy Digest58Do Follow
9Marriage.com57Do Follow
10Yoga Basics57Do Follow
11Shelterforce56Do Follow
12Scoop Empire56Do Follow
13Longitude Prize55Do Follow
14Bee Culture55Do Follow
15Generation Iron55Do Follow
16Ekhart Yoga55Do Follow
17Everyday Power55Do Follow
18BeautyGlimpse54Do Follow
19Geeky Medics54Do Follow
20Social Work Helper54Do Follow
21Fitness Republic54Do Follow
22Nursing Clio53Do Follow
23The PTDC53Do Follow
24Student Minds52Do Follow
25MilitarySpot.com52Do Follow
26Banyan Botanicals52Do Follow
27RecentlyHeard51Do Follow
28Sivana Spirit51Do Follow
29Yogapedia51Do Follow
30Fitreign50Do Follow
31Hive Health Media50Do Follow
32Children’s Mental Health Network49Do Follow
33Indian Link49Do Follow
34Muscle and Brawn49Do Follow
35Fitness Volt48Do Follow
36Child in the City47Do Follow
37Mio Skincare47Do Follow
38BroScience46Do Follow
39Buddha Groove46Do Follow
40Healthiack45Do Follow
41A Lust For Life44Do Follow
42Psychreg44Do Follow
43Fringe Sport44Do Follow
44OutofStress44Do Follow
45Wellness Creative Co43Do Follow
46The Sociological Review42Do Follow
47Mindfulness & Grief42Do Follow
48Bee Healthy41Do Follow
49The Health Science Journal41Do Follow
50Food For Fitness41Do Follow
51UpJourney41Do Follow
52Credihealth40Do Follow
53Canadian Nurse40Do Follow
54Hello Miss Niki40Do Follow
55Garage Gym Planner40Do Follow
56JMax Fitness40Do Follow
57Our Nutritionist40Do Follow
58Wide Run40Do Follow
59YBIC40Do Follow
60MotivatePT40Do Follow
61Inkbeau39Do Follow
62Click For Therapy39Do Follow
63Muscogee Moms39Do Follow
64Yoga Digest39Do Follow
65Psyched in San Francisco39Do Follow
66Health Issues India38Do Follow
67The Daily Meditation38Do Follow
68Public Health Alert38Do Follow
69Women Fitness Magazine38Do Follow
70YEG Fitness38Do Follow
71FitnesStep138Do Follow
72Diethics.com38Do Follow
73HealthGrad.com37Do Follow
74Libero Magazine37Do Follow
75Mind Fuel Daily37Do Follow
76Fix Health37Do Follow
77Rufa Fish Spa37Do Follow
78Gymventures.com37Do Follow
79Siddhi Yoga37Do Follow
80Mad World Summit36Do Follow
81BiomedJ36Do Follow
82Man Vs. Weight36Do Follow
83Updatepedia36Do Follow
84Fit Clarity36Do Follow
8542Yogis36Do Follow
86Health Writer Hub35Do Follow
87The Fit Scene35Do Follow
88Mind & Spirit35Do Follow
89Pangea Systems35Do Follow
90Sound Health Doctor35Do Follow
91Sunshine Behavioral Health35Do Follow
92Brett Larkin35Do Follow
93The Healthcare Guys34Do Follow
94Cool Health Tips34Do Follow
95LadyLife34Do Follow
96Health Host34Do Follow
97Gympik34Do Follow
98Dash of Wellness34Do Follow
99Yogamoo34Do Follow
100BookYogaTeacherTraining34Do Follow
101Sand and Steel Fitness33Do Follow
102UpcomingHealth.com33Do Follow
103Indian Weight Loss Blog33Do Follow
104Guidelines Health32Do Follow
105RegularityFitness32Do Follow
106Weight Loss Triumph32Do Follow
107Health Tips From The Professor32Do Follow
108Girl Get Strong31Do Follow
109eYogaguru.com31Do Follow
110Versaceoutletinc30Do Follow
111Health Community Key30Do Follow
112Elly McGuinness30Do Follow
113Fitness Mentors30Do Follow
114Safe and Healthy Life30Do Follow
115HealthSentinel – Submit Guest PostNADo Follow
116TechPuzz – Submit Guest PostNADo Follow

8. Automotive Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

 Here is the Automotive guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

Sl.noAutomotive Guest Post SiteDALink Type
1Help time for You - Guest Posting30Do Follow
2articles.h1ad.com16Do Follow
3blog.giganticlist.com26Do Follow
4story.wallclassifieds.com26Do Follow
5article.classifiedsfactor.com18Do Follow
6www.bloggersroad.com8Do Follow
7article.advertiseera.com11Do Follow
8blogs.findermaster.com17Do Follow
9www.howcube.com1Do Follow Follow Follow Follow
13www.attacproject.eu33Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
18www.carmiddleeast.com38Do Follow Follow Follow Follow
22www.180sx.club24Do Follow
23sockitforward.com34Do Follow Follow
25www.truthin24.com33Do Follow Follow
27www.norcaldrivers.com30Do Follow Follow
29www.q8start.com30Do Follow Follow Follow
32www.takara-fune.net33Do Follow Follow Follow
35www.autoshowtime.com60Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
40carmusiclab.com20Do Follow
41www.zero2turbo.com48Do Follow Follow Follow
44www.autoblog.com89Do Follow
45www.motorward.com73Do Follow Follow Follow
48acaautobody.com8Do Follow
49www.fgm-automobil.com13Do Follow Follow Follow Follow
53www.maken-ki.com39Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
58www.autobestpics.com31Do Follow
59hitwheel.com10Do Follow Follow Follow
62www.s4sportscar.com31Do Follow Follow
64artofgears.com56Do Follow Follow Follow Follow
68www.dna-drivers.com32Do Follow
69www.sockitforward.com34Do Follow
70www.drifted.com43Do Follow Follow
72www.langleybmx.com14Do Follow Follow
74www.zero2turbo.com48Do Follow
75www.busdriverse.com32Do Follow
76www.carinsurancequotenw.info20Do Follow
77www.autopartsdeals.net15Do Follow Follow
79bahaiblog.net50Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
86www.goautonet.com30Do Follow Follow
88powerwheelsmagazine.com20Do Follow
89www.autoizer.com22Do Follow Follow
91civicdaily.com10Do Follow Follow Follow Follow
95www.motorverso.com56Do Follow
96www.marcvasseur.info34Do Follow
97www.autochunk.com43Do Follow Follow
99www.talkingaboutf1.com29Do Follow Follow Follow
102articleinquiry.com19Do Follow
103www.automotivedemand.net31Do Follow Follow
105www.kompulsa.com39Do Follow
106www.pinkpanthercar.com30Do Follow Follow
108www.dreamcar123.com31Do Follow Follow
110scooterinside.com28Do Follow Follow
112www.theautoblock.com37Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
117shiftinglanes.com39Do Follow Follow
119www.autocon2012.com15Do Follow
120carcostsavings.com11Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
125astmusclecar.comN/ADo Follow Follow
127www.automotiveExpo.us30Do Follow
128www.yes4car.com14Do Follow Follow
130www.nile-auto.com18Do Follow
131www.monotukuru.com23Do Follow Follow
133speakerchampion.com29Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
139www.iberianporschemeeting.com31Do Follow Follow Follow Follow
143www.aureliefilippetti.eu39Do Follow
144www.carpartnews.com13Do Follow
145www.lancerautomotive.com16Do Follow Follow Follow Follow
149www.newbudgetautotrack.com18Do Follow Follow
151www.mygaragestory.net28Do Follow Follow
153www.extendedwarrantiesforbmw.com13Do Follow
154www.reviewlr.com28Do Follow
155ecovelo.info43Do Follow Follow Follow
158independentaustralia.net61Do Follow
159www.SmartAutomotive.org30Do Follow Follow Follow
162www.real-timeracing.com33Do Follow Follow
164www.f1-racers.net30Do Follow
165www.speedlux.com52Do Follow Follow Follow
168www.carreviewsncare.com38Do Follow
169side.cr63Do Follow
170www.goodcarbadcar.net60Do Follow

9. Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

Here is the Health guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

S.No.WebsiteDALink Type
1Help Time For You30Do follow
2Kitchn87Do follow
3Muscle & Fitness86Do follow
4Lifehack85Do follow
5One Green Planet77Do follow
6Mogul76Do follow
7Elephant Journal74Do follow
8Food Tank73Do follow
9Food Safety News73Do follow
10FirstCry Parenting70Do follow
11The Art of Living Foundation70Do follow
12VegNews69Do follow
13the disney food blog68Do follow
14CraftBeer.com67Do follow
15Menuism61Do follow
16Simple as That Blog61Do follow
17Paleohacks61Do follow
18MomDot59Do follow
19The Sensitive Pantry59Do follow
20Sustainable Food Trust56Do follow
21Life in Norway56Do follow
22So Good Blog56Do follow
23Kalou And Cook56Do follow
24Food Stuff Mall56Do follow
25Hawker Street Food56Do follow
26Eat Drink Better55Do follow
27The Master Cleanse55Do follow
28The Writing Cooperative55Do follow
29Qfoodtravel55Do follow
30EndZoneScore54Do follow
31Cultural Weekly52Do follow
32BargainBriana52Do follow
33Gather Baltimore52Do follow
34Foodiewish – Easy Recipes for you52Do follow
35Pockets51Do follow
36F and B Recipes51Do follow
37Shout Out UK50Do follow
38Deepadvices50Do follow
39FamilyCorner49Do follow
40Guiding Stars49Do follow
41The Foodellers48Do follow
42Young and Raw47Do follow
43My Tartelette47Do follow
44Cooking Panda45Do follow
45canfitpro45Do follow
46Midlife Boulevard45Do follow
47Food Bloggers of Canada45Do follow
48The Sunken Chip45Do follow
49Overland Journal44Do follow
50Untrained Housewife44Do follow
51I Really Like Food42Do follow
52Cool of the Wild42Do follow
53Mexican Food Journal41Do follow
54Only Gluten Free Recipes41Do follow
55Naked Food Magazine40Do follow
56Gina40Do follow
57Open Food Network40Do follow
58Food For Fitness40Do follow
59Tucson’s Best Restaurants39Do follow
60FamilyNano39Do follow
61BestPickist.com38Do follow
62Wear and Cheer37Do follow
63The Momiverse37Do follow
64CWEB37Do follow
65Thrive Cuisine37Do follow
66Branchfood36Do follow
67Fit n Diets36Do follow
68The Culinary Travel Guide36Do follow
69Advanced Mixology36Do follow
70BarbequeLovers36Do follow
71The Culinary Travel Guide36Do follow
72Naughty Nutrition35Do follow
73Hint Mama35Do follow
74Mama Testa Taqueria34Do follow
75Just Beet It34Do follow
76Laravel Recipes34Do follow
77SEEN Magazine34Do follow
78Great Body & Skin34Do follow
79NewZNew33Do follow
80Fruitful Kitchen33Do follow
81RailRestro33Do follow
82Foods From Africa32Do follow
83Camping Cooks32Do follow
84Indian Recipes32Do follow
85FreeDieting.org32Do follow
86The Jewish Hostess32Do follow
87FoodUnfolded32Do follow
88Food Well Said32Do follow
89Edible Vancouver32Do follow
90Nutriplanet31Do follow
91Grill For Life31Do follow
92Eat Move Hack31Do follow
93JosephineDC31Do follow
94Outdoor Happens Homestead31Do follow
95Travel for Food Hub30Do follow
96Real Energy Food30Do follow
97The Art of Food Blog30Do follow
98IndustryEats30Do follow
99Survival Cooking30Do follow
100UnwedHouseWifeBlog30Do follow
101Chief Health29Do follow
102Scottish Mum28Do follow

Benefits of guest posting
Benefits of guest posting

Benefits of Guest Posting:

If уоu own a business, and yоu want tо create more awareness for  your products оr services; Guest posting would be very beneficial to your buѕіnеѕѕ success, so use this guest posting sites list. Writing interesting articles about a new product, might not only be bеnеfісіаl tо уоu but аlѕо to the ѕіtе uѕеrѕ оr rеаdеrѕ, who might соmе across some useful information in your article. Thіѕ is why your аrtісlеѕ needs to be interesting and informative, аѕ muсh аѕ possible.

If you own a business, and you want to promote your product or services and create awareness of your business, Guest posting would be the best way for doing it easily. You can Use these guest posting sites to easily promote your new business. But you should make sure that you are selecting a guest posting site that is related to your niche. So that you can get valuable leads and audience. And make sure that the content should be interesting and informative as much as possible.

Here are a few benefits of Guest posting just to remind you of its importance in your digital marketing strategy.


Boosts Traffic

Traffic is one of the main reasons why most people are interested in guest posting. It is not an exaggeration to say that most people invest their time and effort in it for the quality leads it sends.


Approaching guest posting sites will improve your network and help you in building meaningful relationships with your peers in the industry. Everyone knows that building mutual friendships in the industry will only do good for your business. You can frequently collaborate with them, learn from them and most importantly help each other. And what else is a better way than guest posting? Through guest posting, you can get to know the site owners and build strong connections within the industry.

Brand Awareness

Do you want people to recognize your content? Then, guest posting is perfect for you. When you post on guest posting sites, you have a chance to reach their audience and present them a preview of your content, blog or website. This is one of the brilliant methods to build your brand. Writing on such popular sites will showcase your ideology, thought process and skills. And if a reader finds your content intriguing they may visit your website, social media and become your loyal follower. So, place all your focus on creating the best content and the rest will follow you.

Social Media Following

When people like the content you have posted in the guest posting sites, it is natural that they will visit your website and social media page. And if you regularly post interesting and interactive content on your social media platforms, your followers will automatically increase along with likes and shares on your posts. Simply put, the best way to improve your online presence is guest posting. Always remember to add your social media accounts to your contributor’s profile.

Sales Cycle

By contributing to the guest posting sites, you’re not only generating quality leads but also shortening your sales funnel. Confused!! When you post your content on popular sites, you are building familiarity between your new target audience and your brand. So rather than waiting for a potential customer to find your website. You’re introducing your brand value by providing the new users with quality content.


Guest posting as said above is one of the most effective approaches to your digital marketing strategy. But one of the most important things that you need to remember is that if you want to make most of this strategy then you must follow Google Guidelines. This article is the ultimate guide for posting, we have provided all the information that you need to know before making a guest posting a part of your digital marketing strategy.

And the list mentioned above is the list carefully researched and curated by our team. It is divided based on the industry. So, find the sites that are in your niche or industry and start guest posting. There is not an ounce of doubt that guest posting is a powerful method to build awareness, links, trust and traction. We hope that you have enjoyed this article on Guest posting. Check out the guest post pages list and shortlist the sites that match your niche and send them your pitch.

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